Here are our TOP 7…

1.  Flashlight

There are many flashlight apps on iTunes.  They all do the same thing – they turn your iPhone or iTouch into a Flashlight.  Useful for when you are coming to bed late and you don’t want to wake anyone.

2. Playing Games

With thousands of games to choose from, you will be entertained for hours.  Check out a many of the games available by clicking here.

3. Metric Converter

As a Canadian living next door to the USA, we are bombarded with the Imperial system (I am not talking Star Wars).  In order to figure out what the heck a pint, yard and inch are, just download a handy converter from iTunes.  BTW – it works the other way for those who have no idea what the metric system is all about.

4. Listen and Learn

Podcasts, music and audiobooks are amazing.  There is so much information out there and it is right there are your fingertips.




5.  Expense Tracker

When I got my iTouch the first thing I threw in the garbage was that little coil notebook I keep in the truck glove box.  That little tree killing paper book contained my mileage and expenses records.  Now, with the swipe of my finger all that info is on something much cooler than paper.

Now the hard part – remembering to input the data.

6. Calender and Contacts

Remember the day when your Daytimer was like a binder?  You had to carry it with you everywhere.  It was inconvenient and awkward.  Then, to top it all off, you had to spend $50 just to get paper refills at the end of every year.

The iPhone has never asked me to purchase refills – YET.

7. Phone and Text

Last, but not forgotten, the iPhone is still capable of doing what a phone is supposed to do, contact someone.  Will the wonders ever cease?

What do you use your iPhone for?  Let us know.

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  1. This is one informative and wordy post about cell phones in general – Thank you very much I am linkback to this to this by my website

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