When I fly out of Calgary, it is almost always with WestJet.  If you have never heard of this amazing airline, let me introduce to you the TOP 7 Reasons to fly WestJet.


1.  Service, service, service…

Let me tell you a story. I was delayed in Vancouver and our WestJet flight left about 1.5 hours late.  Inconvenient yes but a reality of air travel.  Two weeks later I received in the mail a voucher from WestJet that more than covered the bordom suffered while sitting in an airport longer than expected.

Friendly staff and great customer service is what we have come to expect when we fly WestJet.  With out a doubt, this is # 1.


2.  Cool Wing Tips

They are actually called Winglets and are used to reduce drag and improve handling.  Also, they look really cool.  WestJet has them on the majority of their Boeing 737 fleet.

3.  Price

It is rare that I can find a flight cheaper than what is offered through WestJet.  When was the last time you booked a flight for $69.00?

4.  Great Destinations

Lots for a Western Canadian to choose from.  Most of my travel needs are covered.  Check it out for yourself.

5.   In-Flight Entertainment

This is a good thing.  On my last trip to Vegas I watched the CFL Western Final above the Clouds – GO STAMPS!

6.  Young Average Fleet Age

Did you know that WestJet has an average fleet age of 5.1 years?  Compare that with Air Canada (10.5 years) and American Airlines (15 years) and WestJet is looking good.  I like flying on newer planes.

7.  They have never lost my bags

I have no idea how many bags are lost on WestJet flights but I will say I have yet to arrive at my destination without the luggage I started with.  Golf clubs, big luggage, small luggage and skis all arrive on time.

This is our experience with WestJet, what is yours?


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  1. frequent flyer says:

    Also, the jokes that the stewards tell on the airline are usually funny.

  2. GAJ says:

    West Jet employees treat you like a person! My brother’s and my family were returning to Calgary from Abbotsford. As we were getting our boarding passes my brother’s family was near the end of a long line. The West Jet attendant noticed that there were other people with my last name, and asked if we were related. She then called my brother’s family up to the front of the line, so that we could be seated together. Fantastic service!!!

  3. […] Did you know that in the USA, 23% of all air travel is done on discount carriers?  These budget conscious airlines may cost less but still provide great service.  That is why here in Canada, we love West Jet. […]

  4. Rod says:

    Went to Vegas August 6th 2011…My clubs and clothes didn’t turn up. On day 14 . They say \i have to wait 21 days to settle. Hope westjet doesn’t scam me. My 8 day golf trip wasn’t what It could have been.

  5. Rod says:

    I will keep you all posted on what westjet does for my lost clubs and clothing. I am an avid golfer. So much I went to vegas for 8 days of golf on my own.

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