When I put together this list, I realized that I was born too early.  These toys are awesome.  Thankfully, I have a child who wants these.  No.  Needs these.

1.  LEGO Board Games

They had my kid’s attention at LEGO.  The world’s number one selling toy continues to get better.

2.  Sing-A-Mig-Jigs

The first time I saw this I was sceptical.  Then I picked one up, squeezed it, and now I have a new best friend.

3.  V-Tech MobiGo

An educational mobile gaming toy for preschoolers.  I figured I would check it at Toys R Us.  I arrived at the store to find a line up of kids waiting to demo it.

4.  Furry Frenzies

Cute little animals.  Cute little noises.  Cute little accessories.  Did I mention that they are cute?

5.  Nerf Guns

When measuring amount of Sweat per $ Spent, this toy is a winner.  Guaranteed to get your child moving… as well as everybody else in the room.

6.  XBox Kinect

Very Cool Gaming Technology.  Santa, This is what I want.

7.  Loopz

A modern version of Simon Says.  Every bit as fun and addictive as the original.

What are your top Christmas Toys for 2010?

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