It is Christmas Eve!

What are you going to do tonight?  Do you need any ideas?

We at The TOP 7 have come up with two lists.  One list contains activities that are expected (good list) on Christmas Eve and the other list contains ideas that might be frowned upon (bad list).

Do not let me hear any of you ever complaining that you have nothing to do on Christmas Eve (I sound like my mom, sorry).


The Good List

1.  Open Christmas Presents

2.  Watch a movie (need an idea, we have a list of Christmas Movies)

3.  Go on a sleigh ride

4.  Curl up in front of the fireplace

5.  Go Caroling

6.  Be a secret Santa for someone in need

7.  Go to church and celebrate the Saviors Birth


The Bad List

1.  Hunt a Reindeer

2.  Chase away the carolers

3.  Knock down a few of the snowmen kids build in your neighborhood

4.  Wrap the dog in wrapping paper

5.  Map out your gift return route

6.  Go around the neighborhood and tell the kids that Santa does not exist

7.  Place an angry lobster in all the stockings (except yours)


We at The Top 7 recommend the first list.  Enjoy your Christmas Eve.

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