Let’s be honest here.  We cannot afford to get everyone who reads The Top 7 a gift this holiday season.

Instead, we want to give you a list of 7 sites that are offering free goods.  That will be our gift to you.  Consider it wrapped and tied with a bow.

1.  Free.com

Let me know how you like your new iPad.  It was given with LOVE.

2.  Freebielist.com

Lots of free samples here.  Don’t eat all your gummies in one sitting and enjoy the free undies.

3.  Freeonlinegames.com

Remember to take a break to eat and go to the washroom.  Lots of games to pick from here.

4.  Free Car

There are a few offers like this around.  The deal is you get your new car wrapped in advertising and you will get paid for driving it.  Apparently it works but we are not offering any guarantees.

5.  Free Dating (Plenty of Fish)

145 million monthly viewers check out this site.  The odds are good that you might be able to get a date.

6.  Free Phone Line

We are sorry but this offer is for Canadians only.  If you live outside the Great White North, try this link.

7.  Free Gift Cards

Never tried this and I have no idea if you will get a gift card when you fill our a survey, but hey, it might be worth the effort don’t you think?  Good luck.


From the folks here at The Top 7, enjoy our “Gifts.”  Trusting you will have a Merry Christmas and thank you for following us.



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