In two days you may be taking out a piece of paper, a pen and jotting down the resolutions you would like to commit to in 2011.  In 10 days time you may have already broken those resolutions.  We at the Top 7 hope you are not the later and you keep any resolutions you make on January 31.

Here are 7 of the most common made resolutions.  Hope it helps as you make yours.


1.  Spend more time with family

As a dad of 3 kids, I can relate to this one.  They grow up to fast.  One minute they are in diapers, the next they are taking crayons and writing on the walls in your home then they are playing high school basketball.  Time is not on your side – family is important.

2.  Get in shape

It is amazing how that small spare tire you carry around turns into a large spare tire.  Happens so fast.  It is also amazing how running around the block was so easy and now takes my breath away, literally.  2011 might be the year to get into shape again.

3.  Lose weight

Like # 2, weight catches up to us pretty fast.  If my ideal weight is 165 lbs why does the scale say 180 lbs?  Might have to use 2011 to do something about that.

4.  Quit smoking

I don’t smoke and I never intend on starting.  If you smoke listen carefully: it is bad for you and your clothes stink – quit in 2011.

*Disclaimer:  I still like you if you do smoke.

5.  Get out of debt

Most people have a bit of debt.  A car.  A home.  A business.

Some people have more debt.  Credit cards.  Financing a new TV, boat,  cookware or furniture.  If your debt is making you miserable then it might be time to take charge.  Develop a strategy and find some freedom.

6.  Learn something new

Your life will thank you when you learn something new.  Here are some ideas that I had challenged myself to do last year.  Have fun.

  • Learn a language (I choose HTML)
  • Get a motorbike and learn to ride
  • Read a book every two weeks
  • Listen to a podcast every day
  • Take a class of course – just for the fun of it

Can you add any more?

7.  Get Organized

So many times a person can feel defeated because they are disorganized.  Forgetting appointments, losing paperwork and misplacing important belongings.  There are solutions you know.  You can start being organized on January 1.

These are some ideas for your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions.  Want to add some put it in the comment box.


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