It was Jeff’s turn to write the Top 7 Today.  He sent me this post – it was a good one.  (Notice the challenge on the bottom)

Remember that New Years Resolution that we posted a couple of days back?  Now is the time to actually do something to lose the 20 lbs that you resolved to do on New Years Eve.  Here are some ideas.

* Before we begin, let it be known that we are not doctors, practitioners, nutritionists, nor coroners.  Our list only talks about ideas that we have tried or talked about trying.

1.  Drink Water – No Soda Pop (regular or diet), No Coffee, No Milk, No Fruit Juice.  Water helps fill you up without the empty calories.  It also helps you exercise by demanding many trips to the washroom.

2.  Walk – Walk everywhere.  Walk to work.  When at Wal-Mart, park as far away as possible.  Walk the dog.  If you don’t have a dog, borrow the neighbour’s angry pit bull.

3.  Hide the TV Remote – Having to get up to change the channel gets me moving and makes me not want to watch TV.

4.  Control Your Portions – Larger meals lead to weight gain.  Remember, Sumo Wrestlers eat only 1 large meal each day in order to put on body mass.

5.  Enrol in a Gym Class – When a trainer who is chiselled out of muscle yells at me, I tend to get moving.

6.  Count Your Calories – Keeping track of what you eat will help you make adjustments as needed.  Like your boss’ birthday at work you are obligated to eat a piece of cake…

7.  Get a Diet Buddy – Working together with somebody is fun and effective.


So, to my partner at Top 7.  Are you up for a competition to lose 17 lbs?

Submitted by Jeff at the TOP 7


Kent’s response to Jeff: I am up to the challenge!  Stay tuned for details.

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  1. thetop7 says:

    We are definitely staying tuned for the details. We will also be watching to see how noticeable the difference will be.


  2. […] so a few days ago my little brother Jeff hinted that he was going to challenge me to a weight loss contest.  Well, it took a few days but he finally […]

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