It is January 7 and 2011 has just started and I know you want it to be a good year.  There are so many lists out there that will tell you how to have a good 2011.

We want to try something different.  We, at the Top 7, want give you 7 Ways to ruin 2011.

1.  Worry a lot

If you start worrying early in the AM and let your anxieties grow as the day goes on, you will ruin that day.  Need something to worry about?  Read the newspaper, watch the news and hold onto the latest bad news, tragedies and calamities.  It will be enough to keep your mind going all day and night.

2.  Focus all your attention on getting rich

Money is not a bad thing, but if all you do is focus on getting rich and neglect your family, friends and those who love you, you will be miserable even if you strike gold.

3.  Compare yourselves to others

I hate to break the news to you but you are not the person you see on TV, the movies or in that novel you cannot put down.  Your skills are not just like that person you want to be like, so don’t even try.  You could try to be yourself.  Figure out what your strengths are and run with it.  Surround yourself with people who can fill in for your weakness.  However that will not help ruin 2011.

4.  Make your list of enemies – LONGER

Playing the blame game will keep your wheels spinning more than any other activity.  Your skill at this game should improve with age because the longer you live the more ammunition you have.  With a full arsenal of suspicion, paranoia, and resentment, you can waste endless hours rehearsing your feelings of hate as  you stew over those folks who have made your life miserable.

5.  Don’t set any goals

The greatest thing about setting goals is reaching them.  If you don’t strive for anything you won’t reach anything.  Imagine when 2012 hits and you look back and see that you did not really do anything of worth.  What do you want to accomplish in 2011?  If the answer is nothing, then don’t set any goals.

6.  Be selfish

If you want 2011 to be ruined, just focus on yourself.  The whole “It’s all about me” attitude will go a long way in making you miserable in the end.  Don’t ever think of sharing, helping and supporting because you will not be the focus of attention.

7.  Dont trust anyone

If you can live your year thinking that everyone is out to get you, like will suck.  Every project at work will be finished without confidence.  All your business transactions will be done with your fingers crossed.  Your marriage will likely be put through the ringer.  If you trust key people in your life, you will be able to face life with confidence knowing someone is in your corner.  It’s your choice.

What else can you do to ruin 2011?  Let us know.


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