Ok, so a few days ago my little brother Jeff hinted that he was going to challenge me to a weight loss contest.  Well, it took a few days but he finally did.

At least I think is was a challenge.  Here it is.

Jeff and I compete on a regular basis – and he is usually on the losing end (my perspective anyways).  In fact, here are 7 Challenges that I have already beaten Jeff at in past years.

1.  Foot Race

2.  Basketball (any contest is a lock for me)

3.  Fastest on a Motorcycle

4.  Strongest throwing arm

5.  Holding Breath

6.  Longest without a shower

7.  Most Girlfriends

Not sure what I am going to do with this challenge.  You will all have to come back tomorrow to find out what my response will be.


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  1. Karen says:

    This could prove to be interesting! Good luck to both of you!!!!!

  2. […] Challenge Part 2 January 11, 2011 thetop7 Leave a comment Go to comments During yesterday’s post my brother Jeff challenged me to a contest.  Who can lose 14 lbs the […]

  3. Luella says:

    Well. Those are quite some accomplishments that you have conquered…

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