During yesterday’s post my brother Jeff challenged me to a contest.  Who can lose 14 lbs the quickest.

It took some time but I have decided that I would accept the the challenge.  Take a look at my response…

Jeff figures he will win this challenge.  In fact, Jeff gave me 7 areas that he feels superior to me.  Here they are.

1.  Math

2.  Chemistry

3.  Physics (do I notice a theme?)

4.   WWE Wrestling at Home (Kent claims the match was “fixed”)

5.  Stucco Mud Shoveling

6.  Height

7.  Weight Gain in a Year (Ooops.  Did not mean to win that one.)

We start tomorrow.  Will you join us as we determine a winner?

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  1. Gerhard says:

    You are both winners, because you will both be losers – of weight.

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