The Weight Challenge has started and Kent has decided to share with viewers his secret weapon.  It is called EA Active for Wii.

Here is his video post…

In order to have a list of 7 during this post, here are 7 Reasons Kent likes EA Active for Wii.

1.  The 40 Day Challenge – They say that if you do anything for 40 days it becomes a habit.  Exercise seems like a good habit.

2.  A Personal Assistant – The greatest part is that she come right to Kent’s home and his wife is not even jealous.

3.  Stretchy Rubber Band – Some people call it a tension band, Kent calls it a “weapon of fat destruction.”

4.  Great Entertainment – If you want some good entertainment, just watch Kent try to keep up to his personal trainer.  I believe a video might have to be posted for this one.

5.  It makes you hurt – However, as Kent tells his basketball team, “it is a good pain.”

6.  New Version – A new version just came out.  It has a better stretch band, heart monitor and many more exercise programs.  It looks really cool.

7.  It is a secret weapon – This is the greatest reason for Kent.  He wants to beat Jeff in the Weight Challenge in 40 days and Wii Active by EA Sports will be his secret weapon.

Want to see who wins the Weight Challenge?  Here are the details.

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