Kent and I love driving on the open road.  

We have made many trips together.  Once, we had to attend a wedding in another province.  We worked construction all day, drove all night (7 hours) and arrived early the next morning.  We stayed for 36 hours for the wedding and then drove home through the night.  We were EXHAUSTED!  And we were young and foolish.  Driving tired is not recommended.

Go to our adventures to see what happens when you drive tired…


So, here is a list of 7 tips to keep you AWAKE while driving.

  1. Get plenty of rest before driving.
  2. Have sunflower seeds or munchies in the vehicle.
  3. Plan shorter trips with plenty of breaks.
  4. Try an energy drink.
  5. Travel with a friend who can help keep you awake.
  6. Alter your environment by opening a window or changing the radio station.
  7. Pull over at the first sign of drowsiness.

What do you do when you are tired and need to drive?

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