It is not often that I suffer from insomnia (having sleeping difficulties) however it does happen on occasion – like right NOW.

What causes insomnia?  Experts say that it can be caused by a number of different factors in a persons life.  It can be caused by a change of sleep environment or depression or stress.  It can even be induced though medication or a mental illness.

I am not sure why once every few months I cannot sleep but it does happen.  My mom says I am just getting old.

Here are the Top 7 things to do when you can’t sleep

1.  Read a book

I am not talking about a book that you really like. The best book to read is one you do not enjoy, like a text book or dictionary.  You will be snoozing in no time at all.

2.  Pull out iPod

If I cannot sleep I sometimes try to listen to a podcast.  There is something about a voice talking to you that can make a person drowsy.  Especially if the voice you are listening to sounds like your college English professor.

3.  Work

If I really can not sleep sometimes I just give in and get to work (like right now).  Pull out the laptop and try to be productive.  If it puts me to sleep at 2:00 in the afternoon it might just work now at 2:00 AM.

4.  Watch TV

There is nothing better that a good infomercial at 3:00 AM to make a person want to get back into bed.  How many demonstrations do you need to convince me that this knife really is sharp.  Or do I really need spray on bald spot cover up?  (Don’t answer that)

5.  Get something to drink

Ahhh, warm milk is supposed to be soothing and relaxing late at night.  Just a word of advice, coffee might me bad here.

6. Take a Shower

The relaxing jets of a hot shower pounding down on your neck.  It makes me tired just thinking about it.  (yawn)

7.  Wake your spouse

You might want to approach this one with caution but what’s the point of having insomnia when you could share it with someone you love.

What are your tips for when you have trouble sleeping?


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  1. Kathy Janzen says:

    I just thought i would weigh in on the insomnia list. Researchers have found that watching TV or turning lights messes with your circadian rhythms. Best to stay in the “dark”. Best advice I have is to lay in your bed in the dark and keep your eyes open. Sometimes that will help. You should at least stay laying down for 6 hours. It gives your body the rest it needs even if your mind is active. or if you are up make sure you don’t have a nap later. Just some thoughts 🙂

  2. Daniel Trindade says:

    Listen to some easy, soothing music. This always puts me to sleep within five minutes. I choose, R’n’B or blues. Find some music that suits you, not something that will get you pumped, but will instead relax you.

  3. Lulu says:

    I definately have insomnia and this helped me a little. But I don’t know about everybody else I wouldn’t turn to electronics due to the fact they can sometimes be distracting.

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