When I was a kid (sounds a bit like my dad but oh well) we never ate at restaurants.  If we went to the local greasy Chinese Restaurant once every two months we were lucky.

On a real special occasion (migration of the Canada Goose?) we might venture to the A&W, our towns only fast food place, for some drive-up service.

I am not talking about drive-through service, I really do mean drive-up.  My dad would turn on the car’s headlights and a girl in her teens would run up to the vehicle and take our order.

When you are 6, does it get any better than this?

That was back in the 70’s.  Today, in 2011, we have an unending list of fast food options.


Here are our Top 7 Fast Food Restaurants

1.  Chick-fil-A

Never had a bad meal here and I love their waffle fries.  When will they open a store in Canada?

2.  Subway

Steak and cheese on toasted Flat-bread.  Lettuce, onion, cucumber.  Finished with salt and pepper and Southwest Sauce.  PERFECT.

3.  Japan Edo

Beef, shrimp, chicken, sushi, bento box and udon soup.  My kids might not like it but I do.

4.  Arby’s

Something about eating a roast beef sandwich that feels healthy.  “Would someone please pass the Arby’s Sauce?

5.  Harvey’s

Yes, Harvey’s does make a hamburger (and poutine) a beautiful thing.

6.  Pita Extreme

New to my list.  It tastes good.  It is healthy.  And it is really fun to eat.

7.  Wendy’s

Square Hamburgers are still a hit in my family.  Bring on the Bacon Jr. Cheese Burger.

What are you favorite Fast Food Restaurants? We want to know.

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  1. gerhard says:

    My favorite fast food place is SUBWAY. The local SUBWAY people expect us to be there every Thursday, and they help make the meal a pleasant experience.

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