Today in Calgary, Canada the temperature was soaring.  It was 9 C (that is 49 F for our friends down south).

The snow was melting and some of us here at The Top 7 let our minds wander to the links.  Could it be that in 2 months (fingers crossed) we will be dusting off the clubs and playing a round at the local club?

With my mind on spring I did some searching for some golfing accessories.  You see, I have everything I need to tee off tomorrow.  However there might be something out there that I might want even though my wife will certainly say that I don’t need it.

Window Shopping is not wrong, IS IT?

Here are the Top 7 Golf Gadgets.

1.  SkyKap (Advisor)

I would like to give you the detailed specs on this hands free GPS but it might be easier to just watch the Video.

2.  Twilight Tracer

I like this one.  A golf ball that lights up on impact and then flashes till you find it.  I wonder if they are waterproof?

3.  The Practice Green Putt Returner

Looks really cool.  Now if only I had a practice green in my basement.

The Practice Green Putt Returner.

4.   P3 ProSwing Classic

Close your eyes for just a moment.  Imagine a place where you can go and play golf without getting out of your PJ’s?  Like in your basement – in front of a computer.

Then, as an added bonus, the computer will tell you what you are doing wrong.  Ahhhh…  Heaven.

P3ProSwing Golf Simulator and Swing Analyzer SPORT Sensor Unit and screenshot of the P3ProSwing virtual golf software

5.  Double Golf Organizer

The selling feature is it looks really good in the garage.  All your gear is stored in one place.  Everyone is happy.

The down side is that it will really look out of place in my messy garage.  Decisions, decisions.


6.  The Floppy

The name alone makes me want to get one.

Throw in the bonus that I can use it anywhere I want.  The living room, the kitchen, the garage, the office, the bathroom and the bedroom are now all fair game.

I can’t wait to yell “Fore” as my wife is sitting on her comfy chair.


7.  Suunto G6 Golf Watch

I am still trying to figure out how a watch can watch me practice and perfect my swing but if it is that easy, count me in.  Here is more info about this amazing watch.  Suunto G6 Pro

  • Practice and test modes measuring swing tempo, rhythm, backswing length and club head speed
  • Four different game types
  • 10 course memory
  • Consistency test
  • Golf Manager software
  • Multiple watch functions

Might have to check this one out.

Do you have any cool golf gadgets?  Let us know your favorite.

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