I was reading the news and I discovered this article.

It seems that 7 years ago, Lottery Winners Joseph Reaman, James Reaman, Mike Maddocks, Daniel MacGregor, Jason Dykema, Daniel Campbell and Adam Barnett had their lottery winnings stolen ($12.5 million).  You see, these guys bought a Lotto Super 7 Ticket in Ontario, Canada and they won.   It is here the story gets really crazy.

It seems that the ticket was turned in to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation by a Convenience Store Manager.  The same manager who is now being charged with theft, fraud and money-laundering.

With that now mystery solved I have to ask myself, what would I do if I won the Lottery?

Here are 7 of the Top Ideas.

1.  Quit your Job

For many winners of the lottery, saying Good-Buy to their job is # 1 on their list.  I guess this only makes sense if your job is only about $.

What happens if you happen to really like your job?

2.  Hire a GOOD Financial Planer

I would never question anyone person’s financial savvy but I would think that most people do not have the know-how as to what needs to be done with a gigantic windfall like a lottery.

If you had a few million what would it harm your stash if you hired someone help you with unforeseen legal challenges and help with decisions?

3.  Pay off your Bills

I would guess that many who play the lottery have bills to pay.  Vehicle, line of credit, credit card or home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Zero Balances?

4.  Buy a Home

What a feeling it would be to purchase the home that meet your needs and where money was not an issue.

Basketball Court

Private putting green

Private Man Cave

Indoor driving range

Padded Toilet Seats

Really big BBQ

I guess that should about do it (shhhhhh – do not say a word to my wife)

5.  Travel

The places I would love to see in this world are endless.

Greece, Brazil, Japan....   The list goes on and on.

Unless something big is placed into my bank account, I will have to just settle for Disneyland and Las Vegas

6. Save it

Here is a novel idea.

I have heard of this story more than one…

Man purchases lottery ticket / man wins millions / man parties it up / man supports all his firends and aquantences / man invests in strange products and businesses / man loses it all

Might be a good idea to save some of it.

7.  Give it Away

I love the story of how a couple wins big in Eastern Canada.

Instead of hording the cash they decided to give most of the $11.2 million away.

“What you’ve never had, you never miss,” 78-year-old Violet Large explained to a local reporter.

I hope when I win my millions I have that attitude as well.

What would you do if you won the Lottery?

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