It is Superbowl Week.

Football is a great game.  I love watching it.  You know what I will be doing on Feb 6, 2011.

As a tribute to this great event, this week will be all about lists of 7 with a Superbowl Theme.


Here is a TOP 7 list that honors some of the best MVP’s of past Superbowls


1.  Joe Montana – MVP Superbowl XVI; XIX; XXIV.

Montana has a record Passer Rating average of 127.8 in his 4 Superbowl appearances.


2.  Kurt Warner – MVP Superbowl XXXIV

Warner moved the ball an amazing 1,156 years in his 3 Superbowl appearances.  Warner is classy both on the field and off.


3.  Jerry Rice – MVP Superbowl XXIII

Holds the record for most Superbowl Touchdowns (8).  He was always on the highlight reels.


4.  Emmitt Smith – Superbowl XXVII MVP

Appeared in 3 Superbowls.  He could move the ball.


5.  Terry Bradshaw MVP Superbowl XIII; XIV

Back to back solid performances in the Big Game.


6.  Terrell Davis – MVP Superbowl XXXII

His amazing performance capped off an amazing season.  He overshadowed John Elway, who had brought his team to the Big Game 5 times.


7.  Joe Namath – MVP Superbowl III

Declared a win for his underdog Jets prior to the game and then led his team to Victory.


Your turn.  Who is your favorite Superbowl MVP?


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