Other than Football, the second most searched topic relating to the Superbowl is its entertaining Commercials.

Millions of dollars are spent for seconds of ad time.  The result is that ad companies put their best towards developing commercials that will leave an impression on the viewer.

Here are a few of our favorites.  Top 7 Superbowl Commercials.

1.  Reebok “Terry Tate, Office Linebacker”

2.  Snickers “Betty White”

3.  FedEx “Castaway”

4.  E*Trade “Babies”

5.  Gatorade “Jordan vs. Jordan”

6.  E*Trade “Ghost Town”

7.  Coca-Cola “Mine”

What are you favorite Superbowl Commercials?

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  1. snickers commercial with roseann Barr getting knocked over was priceless

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