It is THURSDAY.  The SuperBowl is only 3 days away.

You know who you are going to cheer for.  You probably know where you are watching the game.   But do you know what you are going to eat during the game?

To help you prepare for Sunday munchie planning, here is our latest list.  TOP 7 SuperBowl Snacks

1. Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings might just be the unofficial snack of the SuperBowl.   They are easy to make and it seems like everyone likes them.  Just dust off your favorite recipie and made a batch.  Remember to make sure you also provide a way for your guests to wash their hands.  Nothing worse than BBQ sauce on the remote.

2.  Chili

Chili is one of those dishes you can’t make too much of.  Get out your biggest Crockpot out and fill it up with your favorite chili ingredients.  If you have made too much you can be assured that it will be just as good tomorrow and the next day as well.

3.  Pizza

Since most fans of the SuperBowl are not really into cooking, pizza is a much-used option.

Here is what you do.  1.  Pick up the phone and call your local Pizza Place.  2.  Let them know your favorite pizza choices.  3.  Wait 30 minutes.  4.  Answer the door and pay the person holding your food.

Easy huh?

4.  “Chex Mix

To our friends south of the border, this might be a puzzling choice but here are the facts.  We cannot get CHEX in our neck of the woods.

Funny how when you cannot have something, you crave it even more.  I miss CHEX MIX 😦

5.  Sandwiches

Now this one takes a bit more work but it can be worth the effort.  By creating a variety of different sandwich options, your friends will not only have had their hunger satisfied, they will have been given the illusion that what they were eating was healthier.

Have some more bacon in your enriched white bread…

6.  Nachos

Whether you just pour some melted cheese on them or go all out with salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, black olives, refried beans and spiced ground meat – these are always a crowd pleaser.

7.  Ribs

Short ribs, Long ribs, Dry ribs, Wet ribs….There is a whole big debate about the best type of meat to use and the best way to cook ribs that is almost as hotly debated as who is going to win the big game.

Two things I can tell you about ribs: 1. They are difficult to cook just right and, 2. When they are cooked correctly they are delicious!

What are you favorite SuperBowl Snacks?  We want to know.

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  1. Babygirl says:

    I will be serving Wings, Ribs, Sandwiches, etc. Alot of your Top 7 super bowl snacks. Very nice list.

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