Jeff and I have rented a few vehicles in our day.

On our last trip to Florida, we rented a compact.  Expecting a Chevy Cobolt or a Ford Focus, we ended up with a Nissan Cube.  You know, one of those vehicles that looks like a … BOX.

Then, we proceeded to lose it (yes, we have video evidence)

Here is our adventure with a Rented Nissan Cube.


Here are our TOP 7 Car Rental Tips

1.  Book your car in Advance

Nothing worse that heading to the Rental Counters and finding out there is a Star Trek Convention in town.  Book early and avoid being stuck with an expensive taxi ride to your hotel.

2.  Compare Rates

Take advantage of the fact there are many different companies to choose from when renting a car.  I once saved $200 by simply finding a rental company that was located 5 KM from the airport.  Location and availability will impact your price.  It pays to shop around.

3.  Find a Coupon

If you look hard enough you can find a coupon online – it will save you some $.  Also, consider joining AAA.  It all helps.

4.  If possible, book on the Weekend

If you are traveling for pleasure and arrive on a weekend, rates are often cheaper as cars are at a surplus.  It is harder to find a car during the business week.

5.  Return the Vehicle with a full tank

I know you know this, just make sure you do this.  Nothing worse than getting a charge on your credit card informing you that you will be paying an outrageous rate for the fuel needed to fill up your tank.

6.  Know you Insurance Options

Check with our personal insurer to see if you have a Vehicle Rental Insurance rider.  If you do, bring a copy of your policy to the rental desk and decline their high priced insurance.  Just make sure, either way, that you are covered.

7.  Ask for the Free Stuff

Ask what is available for free.  Need a map, directions or want coupons?  Ask.


Tell us your tips when it comes to renting a car.

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