On occasion, we run across something that just makes us laugh.

This post has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day or the SuperBowl.  It is not even a product review.  It is a video that I saw on Yahoo news today.

It is a video about Revenge.

Let me set the stage for you.  A woman in Chicago (big storm there last week) is out walking her dog.  She sees a shovel on her neighbors step and borrows it with no intention of returning it.

The owner of the shovel decides that there might be an opportunity to teach the woman that crime does not pay.  He decides to use his snowblower to clean the sidewalk – blowing all the snow onto this ladies car.

You can see it for yourself since it was all caught on security cam.

Here are 7 lessons I learned after watching this Revenge Video.

  1. Don’t Steal Shovels
  2. Keep your dog on a leash
  3. Video Surveillance works (You never know who is watching)
  4. Snow Blowers work much better than shoveling by hand
  5. Shovels work better than brooms (I wonder if she stole that broom?)
  6. Revenge can be fun (For the record, I am not endorsing any type of vigilante justice)
  7. Chicago got a lot of snow in that storm

What did you think?  Was justice served?

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