A while back I was checking out the News at Yahoo.ca and I came across this Video Report about the Charcut Roast House in Calgary, Alberta.

I got in touch with John Jackson, one of the Owners of this cool gathering place and asked him to tell  me 7 Great facts about the Charcut Roast House.  Here is what he wants you all to know about the Charcut Roast House.

Top 7 Reasons to Check out the Charcut Roast House

1.  Our super cool team (Sous Chef Kris Representing)

(Top 7 Comment:  Cool is good.  Super cool is even better)

2.  Our super cool guests and venders

(Top 7 Comment:  A good looking bunch)

3.  Alley Burger

(Top 7 Comment:  I cannot wait to try the Alley Burger.  Rated 2nd best burger in Calgary)

4.  Pig’s Head Mortedella

(Top 7 Comment:  What the…  Don’t worry, I hear it is amazing)

5.  All our Toys like our Custom Built Rotisserie and smoker

(Top 7 Comment:  We always like toys here at The Top 7)

6.  Our Chef’s Connie and John

(Top 7 Comment:  Aways like it when the Chefs look like they could be your friend)

7.  Beer steward and award winning mixologist

(Top 7 Comment:  I just like how that sounds – BEER STEWARD)


Have you been to the Charcut Roast House?  What would you add to this list?

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3 responses »

  1. Big Burger says:

    !!! I have to try one… !!!

  2. Dave says:

    If the alley burger is rated second, who’s first? Don’t tell me Buchanan’s?

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