Yesterday we were able to help guys out by giving our our  Top 7 list of Gifts for HER.

Today, in order to be fair, we want to let all the ladies know what guys want for Valentine’s Day.

1.  A Really Big TV

The Sony Bravia 55″ 1080p 120HZ LED TV will do just fine TY very much.

2.  Tickets to see his Favorite Sports Team

If you do not know what his favorite teams are then you are either…

…1.  New in the relationship or

…2.  Playing hide-and-seek with his “MAN CARD”


3. A Night out at the Movies

Make sure the movie you take him to is either a Science Fiction or an Action flick.

Tip:  Please just pretend you enjoyed it.


4.  A Custom Personalized Bobble Head

If this does not feed his ego, not sure what will.


5.  Customized iPhone Case

This is simply so he will think of you every time he answers his phone.  Thank you ZAZZLE.


6.  An Adventure Package

Send Him away for an adventure weekend.  Here are some ideas.


Zip-line Tours

White Water Rafting

Fishing Trip

Bungee Jumping

Sky Diving


7.  Luxury Lingerie

I know that this gift is not exactly for Him, but in a way it is just for Him.  Enough Said…

Tip:  Like # 3, Please just pretend you enjoyed it.


What are you going to get HIM for Valentine’s Day?

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