Once again we came across a video that we just have to share.

Seems like Remi Gaillard is at it again.  I would try to explain the video but it might be better to just watch it.

This is for all you Mario Cart fans out there.

Here are 7 Observations from this Video

  1. Mario is real
  2. Banana Peels do not work on real cars
  3. Chasing Mario on foot makes you look silly (:40)
  4. Not everyone found Mario funny (1:13)
  5. Turtles do not work any better than bananas (1:38)
  6. I don’t think Mario was making a friendly gesture to the police (2:07)
  7. I wish I saw Mario when I drove around.  Might have to move to France.

So, what did you think?

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