A few weeks ago I came across a really cool game.  It is called TRANGLEBALL®.

Here is some background.

A guy named Mark Miller from Brooklyn, NY invented this unique sport.  His goal was to find an activity that would sharpen an athlete’s reflexes.  What he ended up with was a game that is now being played around the world.  The Czech Rebublic, New Zealand, Japan, France have all felt the presence of TRANGLEBALL®.

Here in North America TRANGLEBALL® is now being played on sand, grass and the hard court in camps and YMCA’s all over the country.  Mark just told me that in Canada, most school regions in Nova Scotia are about to add Trangleball to their PE programs.

Here is what TRANGLEBALL® looks like in action.

I asked Mark Miller if he would be able to provide today’s Top 7 list.  Here is what Mark would like you all to know about TRANGLEBALL®


1) Unique
  • The TRANGLEBALL® structure (the pyramid) is an extremely simple device that makes people think “Why didn’t I think of that?
2) Fun
  • Ages 8 – adults love playing many different games at all different skill levels
3) Exciting
  • As soon as TRANGLEBALL® is being played crowds develop around the court
4) Challenging
  • Each sector can have a different skill level playing so…. ex: a mom vs. mom in one zone, a dad vs. dad in another and 2 children against each other in the third.
5) Strategic
  • Because players can assist their teammates at the sidelines all team strategies develop a great 3 vs. 3 competition
6) Diverse
  • TRANGLEBALL® is fun from the simpleist rebounding ball game (just having a catch with a friend) to a high skill level sport
7) Addictive
  • Once you play it’s hard not to think about the physics, math and strategy it requires to develop skills.


Keep your eyes open for TRANGLEBALL®.  And remember….

…. There’s no “i” in TRANGLEBALL®… It’s a team sport!

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