I heard some news yesterday that was disturbing.

It has nothing to do with terrorists, or the stock market or even Justin Beiber shaving his head bald.

The story that caught my attention was that Terry Grant was leaving the OLN show called Mantracker.  In case you did not know, Terry Grant is Mantracker.

I have been watching Mantracker since season one in in 2006.  If you have never seen an episode, here are some details you need to know.

The show takes place in a remote wilderness location somewhere in North America.   Two prey (yes, they are human), often from the city, are given 36 hours to make their way though unknown territory to a pre-determined destination about 30 km – 60 km away.

Here is where it gets fun.

Without knowing the destination, Mantracker chases and hopefully catches the prey before they arrive at the pre-determined destination.  Aided with only his amazing tracking skills and the assistance of a local who knows the terrain, Mantracker will catch the prey 70% of the time.

For reasons stated as personal and a reassurance that money was not an issue, Terry Grant will not be returning to the show.  Mantracker will have a different look after this present season airs.

Here are 7 Reasons to like Mantracker.

1.  It is always fun to watch city dwellers tackle the wilderness.  There is something amusing about seeing someone out of their element.  Just like it would be humorous if you watched me in a yoga class – always first rate entertainment.

2.  We begin to see how much we miss in the world around us.  The average person’s observation skills are not developed.  Did you know it is possible to tell pretty much everything about a person by how the grass has been bent underfoot?  I am going to have to watch where I step from now on.

3.  If the prey does manage to defeat Mantracker they do so because they are either very athletic or have great outdoor skills or both.  Luck is thrown out early on in the show.

4.  When the prey gets cocky, Mantracker gets angry.  When Mantracker gets PO’d the prey gets caught.  Gotta love the dialog between prey and predator.

5.  Finally a Reality TV show that is not scripted.  These are hard to find.  Just ask the Kardashians.

6.  Terry Grant is an Alberta boy.  This simple fact is enough for us to watch the show.  I guess with the breaking news, this might soon change.  (In case you did not figure it out, we at The TOP 7 are proudly from Alberta)

7.  When the show is over and the chase is complete, the prey always have a greater respect for the skills of Mantracker.  Great to see in a world where respect is not easily handed out.


Tell us your thoughts about Terry Grant leaving Mantracker.

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5 responses »

  1. Fan says:

    Mantracker is not Mantracker without The Mantracker.

  2. Katie says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the comment on the interview I did with Terry, but you forgot to link to his personal website too – http://www.trackingwithterry.com Thanks!

  3. Fan of Terry says:

    It is my understanding that Terry did not want to leave the show and that the “personal” reasons for leaving are issues in the contract that is forcing him out. How sad for all of Terry’s fans. Check it out on Terry Grant’s facebook page.

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