Basketball is an important sport to us here at the TOP 7.

In fact, my daughter told me the other day that Basketball is in her blood.  Makes a dad proud. 🙂

There was a time and place when I played…. a lot.   High School.   College.  All the time.

Now, as a working man, husband and father, I have accepted that my days on the court are limited to a weekly pick-up game and coaching the local High School team.

One way I get my Basketball “fix” is to follow the NBA.  I love the high level of play and watching players develop from rookies to potential stars.  I like to see the hard workers and the over achievers.  I love to watch those players who understand and know the meaning of T.E.A.M.

Our list today is not about the purest scorers or the best defenders.  It is just a list of players that we like here at THE TOP 7.   They might not be the best players in the league but they all play very important roles on their teams.

Here are our TOP 7 NBA Players

1.  Steve Nash

As a fellow Canadian, how can he not be on our list.  At age 37 he is still playing at an All-Star level.

2.  Kevin Durant

He came out of Texas looking like a stiff wind would blow him over.  Today he is one of the purest scores in the NBA.

3.  David Lee

He can rebound and score with either hand.  There is not a team in the NBA that would not want an ambidextrous player like this.

4.  Deron Williams

One of the strongest and powerful point guards in the NBA.  With the ability to hit the three, create for a teammate or to play some defense it is no wonder Williams is an All-Star year after year.

5. Kevin Love

Thought he was pretty good at U.C.L.A.  I think he is pretty amazing with the Timberwolves.  With 15 rebounds a game his all-star pick in 2011 is well deserved.

6.  Dirk Nowitzki

You know that Dirk has worked on his shot.  His golden stroke is one of the smoothest and most consistent shots in the NBA.  An impossible cover for most PF in the NBA.  Inside or outside, Dirk can do it all.

7.  Jared Dudley

Dudley is likely not be on too many NBA TOP 7 lists.  However if you watch Dudley play you will notice that he will give his team something positive every time he steps on the court.

Need a 3?  Need a stop?  Rebound?  Take a charge? How about some energy?  Just call on #3 from the Phoenix Suns.

Honorable Mention: Blake Griffin

I like this kid simply because he can jump and hit his head on the backboard.  Check out this video from yesterdays Clipper’s game.

If you could make your TOP 7 list, who would be on it?

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