Magnetic Bracelets are getting a bad name.Sport Bands

We don’t want to name any names, but the name Power Balance Bracelet keeps coming up.  They are named in a class action lawsuit that claims that consumers were being misled.  Here is part of that claim:

The bracelets claim to contain a hologram, which is “designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body.”

This is disturbing news.

Thankfully, credible magnetic bracelets don’t contain holograms.  We contacted our friends at Ace Magnetics.  This company has a wide range of sports and other bracelets.  They make no outrageous claims and simply states the facts about magnets.


Here are the Top 7 reasons to purchase a bracelet from Ace Magnetics.


1)      Has 30 High Gauss Permanent Magnets @3500 gauss each

(Top 7 Comment – I don’t know what it means, but it sounds impressive)

2)      The Magnets are precisely engineered by design to appear to float while encapsulated in a silicone sphere.

(Top 7 Comment – Does NASA know about this?)

3)      Is waterproof

(Top 7 Comment – Is it dishwasher safe?)

4)      Is the Lightest weight most powerful sports band

(Top 7 Comment – No Hologram needed)

5)      Is appropriate for people of all ages and lifestyle

(Top 7 Comment – Now I know what to get Grandma for Christmas)

6)      The Rally Band™ 30 is stretchable

(Top 7 Comment – I wonder how far they will stretch?)

7)      Can only be found at

(Top 7 Comment – Better go check it out.  Lots of styles to choose from)


What do you think about magnetic bracelets?

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