The World is Changing.

The people of Egypt have spoken.

In the past few weeks, the Egyptian dictator of 30 years was removed from power and the almost 80 million residents have been promised free elections this fall.  This turmoil has hurt tourism in the African country with a mystical history.

When I think of Egypt, I think of the Pyramids and Pharaohs, the Biblical History, and Indiana Jones.  I am truly amazed by its past, present, and future.

Today our list pays tribute to the 7 Wonders of Egypt.

1.  Great Pyramid of Giza

Constructed around 2560 BC, this is the only one of the Original 7 Wonders of the World that still exists today.

2.  The Great Sphinx

This is the oldest known and largest monolith statue in the world.

3.  The Sahara Desert

The worlds largest desert covers significant parts of Egypt and other African Countries.

4.  The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The amazing artefacts found here are thousands of years old and are breath-taking to behold.

5.  The Temples of Abu Simbel

Built by Ramses II, the temples were recently raised 60 meters to protect them from rising water levels in Lake Nasser.

6.  The Valley of the Kings

26 Pharaohs built their tombs here to hide them from grave robbers.

7.  The Suez Canal

Constructed in 1869, this link between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea is the source of both pride and controversy.


What do you find “Wonderous” about Egypt?

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