For the 2nd time, the UFC is returning to Sydney, Australia on February 26.

Dana White and his gang have put together a great show, the question is: where are you going to watch UFC 127?

Here is the challenge.

99% of the population cannot afford to fly to Australia to catch the action live.  But you do have some options.

You can watch it online.

Sites like UFC TV and Yahoo Sports will have live Pay-per-view feeds. Facebook will even have a free feed for 2 Prelims.  If you need more info about online feeds go to the UFC website.

*Just remember, if you do find a feed online that is free, it is illegal.

You can watch it on Cable or Satellite.

Contact your local cable or satellite provider and you are good to go.

You can watch it at your local sports bar.

The UFC has gone to the trouble of giving you a list of local establishments so you can find a nearby Sports Bar that is carrying the fights.


The fights are going to be amazing on Saturday to so we have put together a special list.

7 Reasons to watch UFC 127

1.  Jon Fitch

Will Fitch benefit from training at American Kickboxing Academy?  You see, AKA knows all about Fitch’s opponent BJ Penn very well.  Penn has set deep roots at AKA and now Fitch, the wrestler out of Purdue, is leaning from those same instructors.  Will this help him?

2.  B.J. Penn

B.J. is a two time world champ and has held the belt in two different weight classes (welterweight and lightweight).  Considered to be one of the top Pound-for-Pound fighters in MMA, Penn has seen it all.  The question is, does he have enough in the tank to get to the # 1 spot again?

3.  Michael Bisping

The Britt wants to move into title contention.  He is a great striker who is also willing to roll with pretty much anyone.  Now, does the middleweight have the talent to move up in the rankings and into a contender spot?

4.  Jorge Rivera

Since suddenly losing his 17 year old daughter Jessica in 2008, Jorge has been a man on a mission.  He is winning and looks more focused than ever.  Will his determination and heavy hands be enough to get him past the more well rounded Bisping?

5.  Dennis Siver

This guy has one the most amazing and powerful spinning back kicks I have ever seen.  Don’t believe me?  Then google it.  Now for the question, will that spinning back kick be seen at UFC 127 or will it simply be MIA?

6.  George Sotiropoulos

The home-town boy is looking to impress his fans down-under.  He is a well rounded fighter and has been on a very impressive run (8 in a row).  If he can avoid the strikes of Siver, this fight should be his to take.

7.  Nick Ring

The only Canadian on the card so we have to mention him.  He will be in for the biggest test of his career when he takes on Riki Fukuda from Japan.  Will Ring stay undefeated.  You are going to have to watch to find out?


Here is the rest of the card for UFC 127 as found on Wikipedia

Main card

Preliminary card (Ion TV)

Preliminary card (Facebook)

Preliminary card

Tell us your thoughts about UFC 127.

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