A few months ago Kent and I had the privilege of touring the Kennedy Space Center during our last visit to Florida.   As you can see by the video, I probably enjoyed it a bit more than Kent. (Don’t tell anyone, but I am somewhat of a nerd)

The Space Shuttle Discovery (aka OV-103) is on its final flight.

As a tribute to Discovery, here are 7 interesting facts about it.

1.  Discovery’s first flight into space was on August 30, 1984 (when the Apple 2E had just hit the market)

2.  Return To Flight Vehicle – Discovery was the Shuttle that went back into space after the 1986 Tragedy of the Challenger and the 2003 Tragedy of the Columbia.

3.  Completed Missions – 37 (so far) – Discovery has completed more missions than any other shuttle.  So far, it has spent 352 days in space.  It is currently in space on its 38th mission and is set to return to earth for the final time on March 7, 2011

4.  Longest Mission STS-120, Oct. 23 – Nov. 7, 2007 — Mission duration 15 days, 2 hours, 23 minutes (Not the longest of any shuttle.  That honour goes to Columbia in 1996 – 17 days, 15 hours, 53 minutes)

5.  Discovery deployed the Hubble Space Telescope in April, 1990

6.  Of the 180 people it has carried (so far), Discovery carried the first Russian Cosmonaut in a shuttle (Krikalev); the first African-American spacewalker (Harris), and had the first female shuttle commander (Collins).

7.  Discovery was named after Sailing Ships Captained by Henry Hudson (explored Hudson Bay in a search for a northwest passage connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans) and James Cook (voyages in the south Pacific lead to the “discovery” of the Hawaiian Islands).


Want to see the latest pictures of the Discovery? Click Here.

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