When Jeff and I were kids we went out to eat with our parents about once every full-moon.

How times have changed.

It seems like heading to a restaurant or eatery happens more than we care to admit.

Do not have time to make a lunch?  Your turn to cook?  Lazy?  Eating out is now part of our lives.

If only there was a place where we could go and get coupons to help lessen the financial strain endured by eating out.

Well, guess what.  That place does exist.

It was a couple of months ago that I ran into a really great site called YummyCanada.

The premise of the site is really simple.  Here is what you do…

  1. Decide you need to eat out
  2. Go to yummycanada.com and find your preferred city
  3. Find a coupon from a local establishment
  4. Print the coupon
  5. Go eat (knowing you are paying less than everyone else in the restaurant)

Simple huh?

I contacted the founder and CAO of YummyCanada and asked him to supply us with todays Top 7 List.

So, directly from their head office, here are 7 reasons to regularly visit YummyCanada.

1- FREE Online Printable Restaurant Coupons.

2- NO Account to Open, simply Click, Print and Save… PERIOD!

3- NO Email Address Required, simply Click, Print and Save… PERIOD!

4- NO Forms to Fill-Out, simply Click, Print and Save… PERIOD!

5- All you need is Internet Access and a Printer (color or laser printers are not necessay since the coupon bar-codes can be scanned from either) or Smart Phone (the coupon bar-codes can also be scanned directly from the smart phone).

6- Access to valuable Restaurant information such as Pictures and Descriptions, Amenities, Menu Items, Map and Directions, Restaurant Contact Information and much, much more.

7- Coming later this year, the ability to Book Dining Reservations and Read or Submit Restaurant Reviews as well as a YummyCanada Smart Phone App!

By the way, if you are a manager at a local establishment, here are 10 reasons why you need a YummyCanada Membership.


The reasons to visit have been stated, now it is your turn.

Tell us what you think of YummyCanada.

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  1. Robert Johns says:

    Fantastic Top 7 and very accurate! I have been using Yummy Canada for a while now and can’t get over how easy it is, as well as how many $20 to $30 off coupons, and two for one coupons they have… that’s an instant 30% to 50% savings that I would have otherwise paid for if I didn’t know about Yummy Canada. A real gem!

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