As a kid I had heard about DUCT TAPE.  My dad had a roll in his garage but us kids were never allowed to use it, let alone touch it.

“Don’t touch the chainsaw, the crazy glue or the DUCT TAPE,” were the words I remember coming out of my fathers mouth.

It was easy to  figure out why a 7 year old would not be allowed to experiment with a chainsaw.

The TV commercials for Crazy Glue made it pretty clear that if we played with that little tube of crazy-glue our fingers would be stuck together FOREVER.  I could see my father’s reasoning for those two products.

But what was so dangerous about DUCT TAPE?

It turned out that DUCT TAPE is not dangerous at all.  You see my father simply did not want to walk into his garage one evening and find that his amazing multi-purpose tape had disappeared.

Today, as a father myself, I now understand the value of DUCT TAPE.  Over time my father passed on to me the truth about the sticky cloth-backed tape.

In return, I pass on to you, 7 Facts about DUCT TAPE. What you do with this information is up to you.


1.  Duct tape is such a popular product that the amount sold every year could stretch to the moon 1.2 times or wrap around the equator 12.3 times.

2.  Duct tape reportedly was first made by the Permacel Division of Johnson and Johnson for the United States military during World War II.

3.  Originally used to keep dampness out of ammunition cases, the waterproof tape also earned the name “duck” tape. Soldiers quickly began using the Army green colored tape to fix their guns, jeeps, aircraft and other items.

4.  After World War II, construction workers found the tape worked well to connect heating and air-conditioning ducts together. The tape color also changed from green to silver to match the ductwork.

5.  Duct tape is made of three layers of material: the top layer is a plastic substance; the middle layer is a mesh made of fabric; the bottom layer is a rubber-based adhesive.

6.  You don’t need scissors to cut duct tape – it can be ripped with your bare hands. But the tape doubled over onto itself can pull a 2,000-pound car out of a ditch.

7.  You can make almost anything but a spaceship out of duct tape. Tuxedos, prom dresses, handbags, shoes, wallets and belts have all been made out of duct tape. The tape can even be used to fix cars.


If you want to see DUCT TAPE in action, Mythbusters dedicated an entire show to this amazing adhesive.  Below is the trailer.

Can you add to the list about DUCT TAPE?  What have you learned over the years that you could pass on?

*Special thanks to and for their help with todays list.

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