Today is March 7, 2011.  Spring is right around the corner and if spring is around the corner, so is the start of Motorcycle Season for us Canadians.

As a tribute to almost spring, here is our first motorcycle post of 2011.


I remember back to the very first “longer” road trip I made on my Honda Shadow.

It was a beautiful day in July and I decided to head to a friends place 500 km away.  My plan was to ride out on a Monday, stay a couple on nights and come back on Wednesday.

Sask Trip

I woke up the morning I was going to leave, looked outside and I liked what I saw.  The was weather was perfect.  There was not a cloud in the blue sky.

The roads were clear when I left in the early morning and traffic stayed at a minimum the entire trip.

The entire day was perfect except for one thing…

….my right wrist really got sore.

Since my riding experience was limited up to this point, it was impossible to predict that holding the throttle open for extended periods of time would case pain to shoot out of my wrist.

I certainly knew my wrist hurt when I arrived at my friends home after 5.5 hours of riding.

There is a solution to this type of pain.  It is called the Crampbuster.

The Crampbuster is not a cruise control for your bike, it is a cruise assist.  It simply attaches to the grip of your motorcycle and if you use it correctly your hand will stay relaxed, eliminating any cramping that is associated with holding the throttle.

I contacted our friends at Crampbuster and asked if they would be willing to provide todays list.  Since they are great folks they said yes.

Here are 7 reasons to use a Crampbuster Motorcycle Cruise Assist

1.  Comfortable motorcycle throttle control
2.  Reduces hand fatigue and numbness on long rides
3.  Does not lock the throttle on
4.  No tools required to install
5.  Fits all motorcycles
6.  Comes in a silver chrome finish for dressed bikes
7.  Lifetime guarantee against breakage

My wrists thank me for learning about Crampbuster.  So will yours.

Do you own a Crampbuster?  Can you add to our list?


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