Viral Videos come and go.  Some I like and some I don’t.

Today I stumbled across one that I really liked.

It seems that Jacob Tucker, a senior guard out of Illinois College, wants to be included in this years NCAA Dunk Contest.  The challenge is that no one seems to notice Division III players.  That is until Jacob Tucker decided to put out a highlight video that showcases his 50 inch vertical.

Check out the video for yourself.

As I watch this video I find it amazing that a human being can jump so high.  It causes me to ask myself some tough questions:

Why could I never Jump that high in college?

Where does a 50 inch vertical sit among NBA players?

What is the highest vertical jump ever?

I did some reasearch for you all and have come up with our TOP 7 list for today.

Seven amazing facts about Vertical Jumps

1.  The average vertical jump for a player in the NBA is 28″ (71cm).

2.  The world record vertical jump has been reported as up to 61″ (155 cm) by Kadour Ziani (see video below).  He is the highest Vertical Leaper from Slamnation, and stands 5’10 tall.

3.  Darrell Griffith of the Utah Jazz in the 80’s had record standing vertical leap of 48 inch.

4. Leonel Marshall is the top Volleyball Leaper.  He has a reportedly has a 50″ (127 cm) vertical leap from standing. He is the star of Men’s Cuban National Volleyball team.

5.  Michael Rodd, Melbourne Cup winning jockey, scored 55 cm on his vertical jump test (Herald Sun Newspaper, 16 April 2009).

6.  Can women jump?  Erin Densham, Olympic Triathlete, scored 35 cm on her vertical jump test (Herald Sun Newspaper, 16 April 2009).

7.  Want to know where NBA leapers sit?  (Unofficial of course)

Michael Jordan 48″ (122cm)

Spud Webb 46″

Vince Carter 43″

Allan Iverson 41″

Dr. J (Julius Erving) 41″

Kobe Bryant 38″

Larry Bird 28″

Tell us, what is your Vertical?

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3 responses »

  1. kevinjfisher says:

    Ha my vertical is about 10. Anyways, some of the dunks he does at the end of that video are filthy.

  2. khristian says:

    dude i got a 36 inchand my brother has a 43

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