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Over the past 20 years I have worked with many great basketball players.  It always seems that just as I get used to having these athletes around they move on to bigger and better things.

In other words, they graduate.

This year’s version of the Sundre Scorpions is no different than any other year.   The season has ended and the balls have been put away.  Many of guys I have seen develop as basketball players this past year will be moving on.

I honestly do not know what the future will hold for this years senior ball players in Sundre.

These young men might head to University or College or right into the work force.  And maybe, just maybe, a couple of them will go on to play basketball at a higher level.

Dave, Dale, Andrew, Colby, Andy, Tyson, Rick and Ryan – I wish you guys luck.

Oh, and Cordel Evans, I have not forgot about you.  I know you may be headed to college at Mt. Royal.  I just want to have one last chance to get your recruiting video out there for more to see.


Here are 7 reasons why Cordel Evans will help your college basketball team.

1.  The guy can flat out score.

I have yet to see a defender shut Cordel down.  Play too tight and he takes it to the hole.  Respect the drive and you will be victim of his consistent shot.  I believe his 18 points a game will attest to his scoring ability.

2.  Cordel has deep range.

If you watched the video you can see he is capable of the long ball.  About 3 a game to be exact.

3.  Defense is not a problem

Cordel will give you all out D, all the time.  Because of his quickness he is a crazy pest for opposing ball carriers.

4.  He will get his teamates involved.

When Cordel is not filling up the hoop he is giving his teammates the ball in scoring positions.  Feed the post – yep.  Run the break – yep.  Set the offence – yep.

5.  Cordel will work harder than anyone else on your team.

Come to Sundre High at 7:00 AM and you will find Cordel in the gym shooting.  500 shots made before school starts is normal for this kid.  No one works harder on their game.

6.  He is committed to the team

A true team player who is willing to lead when called upon and to pass on the glory if need be.  I know his teammates love playing with him.

7.  Cordel is a quality person

This young man is a decent human being.  Kind and considerate to those around him.

If you would like to learn more about Cordel, just contact us at yourtop7@gmail.com.

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