In moments, life was no longer normal.

The 9.0 Earthquake and resulting Tsunami changed everything for the residents of Japan.  One moment they were wondering if they should upgrade their i-Phone.  The next, they were wondering if they would eat.

Emergencies like this make you remember what is really important in life.

I often wonder how I would react if I was faced with this type of emergency.

What would I do?  What would I eat?  Would I survive?

Our Canadian Government recommends that everybody have a Home Emergency Kit that would enable them to survive for up to 72 hours.

Here are 7 items from that list plus a few extra good ideas.

1.  Water. Two litres per person per day as a minimum

2.  Food that won’t spoil. Don’t forget manual can-openers where necessary

3.  Flashlight and batteries. In a major disaster, the power grid won’t be reliable

4.  First aid kit

5.  Prescription medication, baby formula, and any other necessary life items

6.  Cash and contact information for emergency personnel and family or friends out of town

7.  Warm blankets, toiletries, water purifying tablets, basic tools (hammer, pocket knife, etc.), spare clothes

Extra ideas to consider:

– Spare keys to house and car
– Good sturdy shoes
– Whistle
– Portable fuel stove

Government of Canada Family Emergency Plan Website

What would have you put in your Home Emergency Kit?

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