basketballMarch Madness.  The best time of year for Basketball fans.





I have no idea why my wife does not like watching with me.

A treat for all you NCAA Basketball fans.

Here are 7 questions to test your March Madness Knowledge. (Let us know how many you get right – answers are at the bottom of the page)


1. In 1956 San Francisco was the undefeated National Champion thanks to a stacked team — they featured future hall of famers Bill Russell and K.C. Jones. They were the first undefeated champion, and they won 60 straight games before suffering a loss. The second undefeated champions came the very next year, and they beat Wilt Chamberlain’s Kansas in the final to win the title. Who were they?

a) Michigan State
b) North Carolina
d) Ohio State

2. It’s impossible for one team to beat all four No. 1 seeds in the same tournament — the most they can play is three. Beating three would be a amazing accomplishment in itself — especially considering that the last two wins would have to come in the Final Four and the championship game. It’s so hard to do that just one team has pulled it off. In 1997 this team beat Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky in that order. The team featured five players who were drafted into the NBA, including two players who are still active today. Name the team:

a) Minnesota
b) Stanford
c) Arizona
d) Duke

3. The Most Outstanding Player award in the tournament almost always goes to a player on the winning team. In fact, it has done so since before the tournament expanded to 64 teams. The last player to win for a loser played in the finals two years in a row, lost both times, and was the top pick in the NBA draft. Who is he?

a) Mark Aguirre
b) Bill Walton
c) Ralph Sampson
d) Hakeem Olajuwon

4. The team with the most consecutive tournament appearances is North Carolina with 27 — a streak that was derailed in horrific fashion in 2001 thanks to the stunning incompetence of Matt Doherty. Lute Olson and the coaching drama at Arizona led to the end of their streak at 25 years in 2009. The third longest streak — 22 years — is also the longest active streak. The team has been led by just two coaches over those 22 years. Name the team:

a) Duke
b) Michigan State
c) Texas
d) Kansas

5. Everyone who follows the tournament even a little bit knows that a 16 seed has never won a game, but that a 15 can break through once in a while. In 104 games, the 15 seed has managed four wins. That’s hardly an impressive winning percentage, but it’s better than it could be. Of those four teams to pull off an upset, only one featured a future NBA star. Name that player:

a) Steve Nash
b) Wally Szczerbiak
c) Derek Fisher
d) Scottie Pippen

6. To score the most points in NCAA Tournament history for a career a player needs a few things — he has to be good, he has to play for a team that makes the tournament every year, and he needs to make a couple of deep runs in his career. The all-time scoring leader certainly checks those boxes. He is also my least favorite college player in history – and it’s not even close. Name the player:

a) Bill Walton
b) Tyler Hansbrough
c) Christian Laettner
d) Joakim Noah

7. There are three teams from major conferences that have never won a tournament game. One, South Florida, has an excuse — they have only been in the Big East since 2005, and that’s a brutal conference for a weak team to play in. Another, Northwestern, has somehow never even managed to make the tournament — something that is absolutely impossible to believe since the team has been around 1904. The third team should be ashamed the most of all, though. They have played in the tournament six times without success. It’s not like they aren’t an athletic school — they have more than one national championship in football. Who are they?

a) BYU
b) Nebraska
c) Minnesota
d) Auburn


1. b
2. c
3. d
4. d
5. a
6. c
7. b

* Special thanks to Doc’s Sports Service for these great questions.

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