While watching the NCAA tournament, my mind was brought back in time.  1991 to be exact.

1991 was the year that the University of Michigan had its best basketball recruiting class ever.  Heck, it was arguably the the best recruiting class any NCAA school has EVER had.

When Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson walked onto the University of Michigan campus during the fall of 1991, they likely had no idea they were going to be the catalyst that would change college basketball forever.

But that is exactly what happened.

The other day I watched ESPN’s documentary called “The Fab Five.”  Even if you never did like Michigan or any of these five players, it is worth the watch.

Here are 7 reasons to watch ESPN’s Documentary, The Fab Five

1.  You will see the recruiting process used by Steven Fisher and his coaching staff.  Included is some really cool behind the scenes footage.

2.  Hear how the Five Freshman really felt about the Duke Bluedevils, including Grant Hill and Christian Laettner.  (Read Grant Hill’s response to the documentary)

3. See how the Fab Five introduced baggy shorts and black socks to college basketball.

4.  Journey with the Michigan team through the 1991-1992 season.  Included is the decision to start five freshmen players and then their eventual loss in the National Championship game to the Duke Bluedevils.

5.  The five freshman made a stunning realization.  The world is capitalizing on their success and notoriety.  See how they respond.

6.  Join the team in 1992-1993 as they work to get back to the championship game.  You will also see an in-depth analysis of the infamous “Time out” called by Chris Webber against the University of North Carolina.

7.  The University of Michigan scandal.  The documentary shows us what NCAA rules were broken and how it still affects the players today, especially Christ Webber.

The full Fab Five Documentary is available on YouTube.  Watch it here.




What did you think of ESPN’s documentary, The Fab Five?

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  1. Adrian Loats says:

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  2. NEWT says:

    This was a great story about young men who where brought together for a common objective: To build a basketball power at Uof M. What is eye opening is the manner in which they were exploited, disgraced, and had that which they worked so hard to achieve torn down. What I find most appalling is how the President of the University so critical of the coach and team never said anything about removing from the the coffers of the University the millions of dollars that it received. If Chris after admitting his guilt was still made to pay thousands in fines, was the University made to return any of the milliions that it gained in ticket sales, television revenue, or product sales from the teams efforts? It is criminal how the universities can make millions and at some universities billions off of exploiting these young men and then turn their backs on them when they commit infractions consistant with their age and expirence. When I think about often this plays out it is very disturbing.

  3. Jeff says:

    Great Documentary. Great Memories. Fab Five Forever.

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