Bigfoot:  (also known as Sasquatch) an ape-like creature that may or may not live in the forests of North America.

It seems that there is a new evidence that may support the existance of Bigfoot.  On Tuesday, March 22, 2011, Thomas Byers shot a grainy video of what appears to be Bigfoot crossing a road.

While driving down Golden Valley Road in northern Rutherford County, North Carolina, Mr. Byers and a friend saw a large, smelly creature cross the road in front of them.  Quickly grabbing his video camera, Byers was able to record the now viral 5 second video.

Here is the Thomas Byers video.


You can learn more about the Thomas Byers encounter here.

Bigfoot sighting are not uncommon.  Apparently there have been over 3000 recorded sightings of Bigfoot in North America, mainly in the western states and provinces.  Videos of the elusive creature are much harder to find.

Today at the Top 7 we are choosing not to support or deny the existence of Bigfoot.  It is your responsibility to do research and come to your own conclusions.   However we do want to help in your search for the truth.

Here are 7 Famous Bigfoot Videos

1.  The Patterson Video

Filmed by Roger Patterson in 1967 at a place called Bluff Creek in Northern California, this video the the most famous of all Bigfoot videos.  Is it a man in a suit?  Take a look and see for yourself.


2.  Paul Freeman Video

I love this one.  Man sees a track with video in hand.  Man follows the tracks.  Man runs into Bigfoot.  Apparently this film has been studied by experts and the jury is still out.


3.  Manitoba Bigfoot

Filmed April 16, 2005 by Bobby Clarke, this video is poor at best.  The only reason it is on our list is, well, it is Canadian.


4.  Redwoods Bigfoot

This footage that was taken in 1995 by a film crew who were traveling in the Northwest American woods.  They managed to film 3 bigfoots crossing the dirt road deep inside the woods.  Hmmmmmm


5.  Memorial Day Video

In 1996, Lori and Owen Pate of Chopaka Lake in north central Washington State shot this video.  Bigfoot can sure run fast.


6.  Target Practice Video

A woman uploaded this video to YouTube in February of 2011.  The family was out taking some target practice and unknown to the woman holding the camera, a figure is caught running in the background (starting at about 38 seconds into the video).  Could it be Bigfoot?


7.  Harry Hoffman Video

Harley Hoffman’s controversial video of Bigfoot. Do you think it is real?



Tell us, do you believe in Bigfoot now?

* BREAKING NEWS:  The Top 7 has released their own bigfoot video.  See it here.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Hey Kent. I am pretty sure that the Memorial Day Video (5) is just film of you without your shirt on.

  2. KJ says:

    I believe

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