The Final for is only days away.

Kentucky, Butler, Connecticut and Virginia Commonwealth are all playing on Saturday.

If you picked all 4 of these teams in your bracket then you are a rich person today.

On Saturday Butler (8) will take on UVC (11) in the first game of the evening.  Then Kentucky (4) will battle UConn (3) during the late game in Houston.  Winners will face off for the right to be called National Champion on April 4, 2011.

You do not want to miss these games.

The Top 7 reasons to watch the 2011 Final Four.

1.  Butler

Here is a team preparing for their second Final Four in a row.  Coach Stevens, at 34 years old, is only one win away from his second consecutive National Championship Game.

If Butler wants to win it all this year, then hitting the 3 will be the key.  Did you know that this team is 50-3 when hitting 9 or more threes in a game?  Ask Florida if that stat is important.

2.  UVC

The Cinderella story of the tournament.  Many experts did not believe that this team from Richmond Virginia even deserved to be in the NCAA tournament.  I guess we might have to re-define what an expert is.

The Rams won five games heading into Houston.  They won by 10 against favorite Kansas.  It might be wise not to listen to the experts anymore.  This team has a chance to win it all.

3.  Kentucky

The Wildcats are likely the favorites to win it all in Houston.  The challenge is that being the favorite is not a recipe for success in this tournament so far.

Freshman Brandon Knight is a player to watch.  He was great against UNC and the team’s success may just rest on his shoulders.

4.  UConn

Kemba Walker is the real deal.  The UConn guards have been on fire of late and Mr. Walker has been the hottest of them all.  The big question is, can they win without rebounding well?  This is a team that beat Arizona despite being out rebounded 42-31.

This weak interior game strategy might not work  too well as the games are about to get real tough real quick.

5.  Cutting down the net

Did you now that NC State Coach Everett Case was the first to cut down a net after winning the National Championship?  That was in 1945.

Today this is part of the tradition for those who have been declared champion.  The only difference is that teams today use ladders instead of a teammates shoulders to reach the rim.  The net will always be that tangible symbol that says, WE WON.

6.  One Shining Moment

Written by David Barrett, One Shining Moment is traditionally played at the end of CBS Sports’ coverage of the championship game of the tournament.  The game is not over until this montage of video is played.  Here is last years version preformed by the late Luther Vandross.


7.   You can see some good college Basketball

There is not a number one or two seed to be seen.  Your bracket has likely been busted.  You can now sit back, relax and enjoy the Final Four.

In past years my bracket was more important than the game.  This year that piece of paper that has caused me great anguish is sitting in the garbage.  I now can enjoy good fundamentals, big shots and exciting finishes.

This is going to be fun.

Why are you watching the Final Four?

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  1. kevinjfisher says:

    wait kemba walker’s nickname is Simba? Go Butler!

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