Yes, Reggie Miller will be back in the NBA.

I have always been a Reggie Miller fan.  I remember reading about him when he was in High School at Riverside, CA.  I followed his career at UCLA and then in Indiana with the Pacers.

I have a box full of Reggie Miller Basketball Cards and still have the his famous 8 points in 9 seconds verses the Knicks recorded on VHS.

I even named my pet Green Anole after him.

Today, everyone knows Reggie as the ex-NBA star who is now a color guy for TNT.   However that is about to change.  The 18 year veteran of the NBA will be back on the hardwood, hopefully in the near future.

Reggie has been in conversation with several NBA teams and there have been doubts as to whether a 45 year old man can play in the NBA.  However we only need to think back to 2007 when he considered a comeback with the Celtics.  Reggie stated that his body was in shape, he was just unsure if he could commit to an entire season mentally.  Only a lockout will keep him from suiting up for the 2011-2012 season.  Reggie Miller is willing to commit.

Here are 7 Reasons why Reggie Millar is considering this comeback.

1.  He is super competitive and the boys at TNT are just not challenging him enough.  Only his sister Cheryl is willing to step on the court with him and she has bad knees.  Reggie needs a challenge.

2.  Even though Reggie has made over $105,000,000 during his playing days, he feels he could use just a bit more to help pad the retirement fund.

3.  With the selfishness of the new breed of NBA player (we won’t mention any names), Reggie feels that his comeback will inject some class back into the league.

4.  Ray Allen now has more career 3 pointers than Reggie.  There is nothing like seeing your record fall when you know you can do something about it.

5.  Reggie want to be in shape for the London Olympics in 2012.  There is a real need for veteran leadership on the USA team and he feels he can fill that void.  Besides, the thought of the FIBA three point line is just too tempting.

6.  Reggie is currently in 14th on the list of all time points scored in the NBA.  A mere 1432 points will move him ahead of Oscar Robertson and into the top 10 of all time.

7.  Spike Lee still has court side seats at the Knicks games.  I think they miss each other.

It is going to be fun to watch Reggie light it up in the NBA again.  What do you think?

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  1. No Way says:

    No Way Dude. Reggie Millar is as old as my Grandpa!

  2. Bill from Indiana says:

    I also heard this during a local sports show in Bloomington.

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