You stayed up to late last night and you pressed snooze 5 times this morning.  Maybe you will stay up to late tonight since it is the final game of the Final Four.

Now you are going to be late for work.

What do you tell the boss?

Fortunately, the Top 7 has a list just for you…

1.  Flat Tire

Used many times for many years.  Don’t overuse this excuse, because some times it happens for real.

2.  Alarm Did Not Go Off

This actually happened to me yesterday.  Fortunately, my son’s “internal clock” works fine.

3.  Traffic Jam

In my small town of 5,000 people, this amounts to at least a 30 second delay.

4.  Tim Horton’s Line Up

Getting coffee at the drive through can easily turn into 30 minutes of wasted time.  Hint – make sure you bring your boss a coffee too.

5.  Morning Sickness

If you are male, don’t use this excuse.  If are male and your boss is female, definitely avoid this excuse.  Trust me.

6.  Nothing to Wear

If you use this excuse, make sure you come to work in old sweat pants or your prom outfit that no longer fits in order to support your position.

7.  Alien Abduction

Valid excuse only if you work in Area 51 or your name is Sammy Hagar.

What is your best excuse for being Late For Work?

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  1. able123 says:

    Once I had a flat tire. I went to change it and my spare was flat too.

  2. Some interesting excuses here – especially like the one about morning sickness! Should not be used if you are a male! With the new time and attendance systems that are available, being late is now recorded, but with an understanding boss, you can make up the time at the end of the day.

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