Trends: A general direction in which something is developing or changing

I look at the world that we live in and often wonder where we are headed?

Since no once can tell the future we all just take a deep breath and hang on for the ride.  We do not know what tomorrow brings.

Or do we?

If a person wants to get an idea where this world is headed, then they only have to look at what the latest trends are.

What's Next

I found a really great web-site that deals with trends and what is happening in our world.  It is called Now and Next.  This informative site looks at what is going on in the different sectors of our world and reports back to their readers.  They want everyone to “Stay ahead of the future.”

I spent a substantial amount of time browsing through this informative site.  Everyone should.

Here are 7 trends that you might find interesting.

1.  Our culture is speeding up

We seem to be obsessed with technology and efficiency.  Why?  It is because we seem to want to squeeze one more minute into everyday.  Is it working?  Why not ask those who are stressed, anxious, can’t sleep and have no balance in their lives.  This is one trend that can hurt us all.

2.  Digital Money

Did you know that by the year 2020, 90% of all transactions will be cashless?  Physical money may just be on its way out.

3.  Healthy Eating

Over 2/3 of the US adult population is overweight.  What this means is that the need to be healthy should becoming more important.  This is why McDonald’s is trying to keep up with the ever increasing need to eat healthy by providing salads on their menu.

4.  Low Cost Travel

Did you know that in the USA, 23% of all air travel is done on discount carriers?  These budget conscious airlines may cost less but still provide great service.  That is why here in Canada, we love West Jet.

5.  Product Obsolescence

Here is what this means.  Every cool product you now own will once day become obsolete.  However remember this… don’t throw your old iPod away just yet.  With retro being another popular trend, that outdated iPod might must be worth hanging on to.

6.  Self-Serve

Airports, car rentals, banks, gas stations, grocery stores and department stores all offer a self-serve option.  It makes sense.  One person is making more money and the other is saving time (see #1).  Very trendy.

7.  Blogging

With over 156 million public blogs out there, it seems like everyone is blogging.  It is easy, fun and some lucky ones even make a living at it.  All a person needs is an opinion and a creative mind.

What trends do you see out there?  Please add to our list.


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