A poster or logo for Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley.So tell me, do you love Nick Diaz or is he someone you cannot stand?

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Nick Diaz defeated Paul Daley in the the Main Event of the Strikeforce Event on Saturday (April 9, 2011) night.  On the line was the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship belt.

It was a great one round fight with both fighters swinging for the fences.  At one point it looked like Daley had Diaz in trouble when he connected with a left hook, sending the Champion to the mat.

Yet with mere seconds in the round (4:57), Diaz once again was able to pull out a Hollywood finish and TKO the challenger with 3 seconds to spare.

Questions will be asked about this fight.  Was the fight stopped to early by Big John McCarthy?  Is there any one left for Nick Diaz to fight in Strikeforce?  When will GSP and Diaz finally square off?

There are many great sites that will answer and analyse those types of questions.  What I want to know is much simpler.

Do you like Nick Diaz or do you hate him?

Nick Diaz plays the villain as good as anyone in MMA.  Not only can he get the press swarming in anticipation of a fight, he seems to always back it up with his fists.  No one talks trash like this guy. No one gets under the skin of opponents and the press like Diaz.  However no once can dispute the fact that with 10 wins in a row, this man is on a roll.

Back to the question.  Do you like Diaz or do you hate him? Is there even a middle ground with this guy?

As you choose your side, we are going to present you all with our latest list of 7.


7 things everyone needs to know about Nick Diaz

1.  Diaz has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Cesar Gracie.

2.  At the young age of 18, Diaz won his first professional MMA fight over Mike Wick via submission (triangle choke).

3.  Diaz has fought as a professional boxer in the Super Middleweight weight class.  He won his one and only fight in 2005.

4.  Following his loss to Joe Riggs at UFC 57, Diaz finished the fight at the hospital where both men were waiting for treatment.  No charges were laid as a result of the scuffle.

5.  Nick trains as a triathlete in his spare time. No wonder his cardio is through the roof.

6.  On April 10, 2007, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Diaz failed the drug test that was taken shortly before his win over Takanori Gomi.  He tested positive for marijuana. Diaz was suspended him for 6 months and given a fine of 20% of his earnings ($3,000) won from the fight against Gomi.

7.  Former TUF 5 Lightweight Champion and current UFC contender Nathan Diaz is Nick’s younger brother.

Time to Vote:

What else do we need to know about Nick Diaz?  We want to know.

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