Five days a week, I get up out of my warm, cozy bed and I leave my family and my home in order to go to work.  Although my employment has changed, the fact that I go to work has not.  I have been part of the work force for most of my life.

My first boss (other than my parents) was working for my brother delivering newspapers.  He was a tough boss who required occasional kick-backs like a 25 cent bag of chips.  But I was able to supplement my earnings while delivering papers by collecting pop bottles and returning them for cold, hard cash.

When my parents found out that my piggy bank was growing quickly, my 25 cents weekly “allowance” was eliminated.

That was the start of my financial independence at age 9.

Since that first paper route, I have had many part time jobs as a young adult.  I liked some, and will never return to others.

Here is my list of the 7 Best “First Jobs”

 1.  Paper Route

I had a good experience with this one.  Regular Income and Regular Hours.  This job is not without its risks (dog bites, etc), but it allowed a young kid to get money.

2.  Lawn Mowing / Snow Shoveling

Great job in that you get to be outside.  Seniors are your main clients.  They are always nice in that they would give you a cookie and juice if you would listen to them talk about the “Good Old Days”.

 3.  City Laborer

At some point in his life, a kid needs to learn what a coffee break is.

4.  Farm / Construction Laborer

These jobs build physical strength which, as a teenage boy, is respected by your peers.  Besides, anytime you get to drive a forklift before you have your driver’s license, it is a great job.

 5.  Retail Sales

This job lets you meet with people and feel the direct reward of meeting and fulfilling a customer’s needs.  Plus, you are not stuck working outside in the heat or in the cold.

 6.  Fast Food

Tough job but you get 10% off the price of the food you buy.

 7.  Janitorial

I learned how to use a mop.  I also learned that a teenage boy does not see dirty spots the way the rest of the world does.

What was your favorite first job?  

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  1. gerhard says:

    Every kid should have the priviledge of having a paper route. It taught me responsibility, gave me financial resources greater than my peers, and I got to meet some very nice people. I learned that if I did my job well, most of them responded by being nice to me. Some gave me financial tips.

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