Today I went for my monthly hair cut.  It was so easy.

I head to Super-cuts, sit in a chair for 10 minutes, pay $15.00 and I leave a new man.

As I was sitting in the the barber chair my mind wandered to all the bad haircuts I have seen over the years.  Bowls, mullets, rat tails and crazy colors come to mind.  Then I began to think of all the professional sports icons who have had bad haircuts.

Today we give you the 7 Worst Haircuts in the world of Sports

1.  Brian Bosworth – It turned out that “The Boz” was better in the barbershop than in the NFL.

2.  Dennis Rodman – Every basketball card I have of Rodman has a different hair style and color.

dennis rodman fun hair color
3.  Jaromir Jagr – His hair is in the Mullet Hall of Fame

4.  Don King – How in the world did he make his hair do that?

5.  Chris Kaman – Comes by the “Caveman” nickname honestly.

6.  Carlos Valderrama – Now that is BIG hair.

Carlos Valderrama Worst Hair

7.  Ronaldo – Not sure what to say about that little island on his forehead.

ronaldo worst hairstyle

Who do you think has the best hair in Sports?

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