Tonight there is a big hockey game on.  The #1 seed Vancouver Canucks are at home against the # 8 seed Chicago Blackhawks.

Should the Blackhawks win, this series could go down as one of the top upsets in any playoff series.

The Canucks, who finished with 117 regulars season points, were in control of this series early.  They had won the first 3 games and were cruising to an easy sweep.  Yet the Blackhawks (97 regular season points) would not go away quietly.

With wins in games 4, 5 and 6, the series finishes in Vancouver tonight.  Winner moves on.

Our Top 7 list for today takes a look at some of the greatest playoff series upsets in any major sport.

TOP 7 Playoff Upsets

1.  Golden State Warriors over Dallas Mavericks (2007 – NBA)

The Dallas Mavericks had won 67 games that year (6th most all time).  The Warriors had only won 42 games all year.  With the help of some yellow t-shirts, Golden State did what no one thought they could do.  I will let the video explain.


2.  Edmonton Oilers vs Detroit Red Wings (2006 – NHL)

The Wings were the best in the NHL that year.  The Oilers did not care what the experts thought.


3.  New York Yankees over the Seattle Mariners (2001 – ALCS)

The Mariners had the greatest regular season in MLB history and had won 21 more games than the Yankees.  Who would have though?

Check out the Box Scores from the series.

4.  San Jose Sharks over the St. Louis Blues (2000 – NHL)

The Blues had won the President’s Trophy that year and had the leagues best defense as well as MVP Chris Pronger.  Someone forgot to tell the Sharks they had no chance in this series.

5.  Denver Nuggets over the Seattle Supersonics (1994 – NBA)

With Jordan taking a break the NBA Playoffs were wide open.  The Sonics had the best record in the league that year. This was supposed to be an easy pick.


6.  LA Dodgers over the Oakland A’s (1988 World Series)

The press figured this was the year the Bash Brothers (Canseco and McGuire) would win it all.  Kirk Gibson was not listening to the press that year.


7.  Los Angeles Kings over Edmonton Oilers (1982 – NHL)

The Oilers have Gretzky, Messier and Kurri.  The Kings have Mario Lessard.  I wonder who should have taken this series?


Who do you think will win the game in Vancouver tonight?  The Canucks or the Blackhawks?

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2 responses »

  1. gerhard says:

    I think the Canucks will win this one. I will cheer for any Canadian team in the playoffs.

  2. thetop7 says:

    Well it is official, Vancouver won. I guess this series will not make the list for greatest playoff upsets 😦

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