I admit it.  I need help.

I cannot do everything by myself.

In fact, I find that when I work towards a common goal with others, I find I am more productive and the results that are produced are better than I could do on my own.  For this reason, I am extremely thankful for the Administrative Professional that supports me at work.

Without her, my work would be messy and I would be continually meeting with the company auditors.

Today is Administrative Professional’s Day and we at the Top 7 want to remind everybody to say Thank You to those who help you work towards a common goal.

So here is a list of ways to say “Thank You” in different languages.  

 German:  Dankschen

French:  Merci

Spanish:  Gracias

Cantonese:  M goi

Japanese:  Arigato

Arabic:  Shukran

Russian:  Spasibo

How do you say Thank You?

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  1. gerhard says:

    Danke schön!!!

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