Today, on May 2, Canada is having a Federal General Election.  Canadians have the opportunity to, once again, choose their leaders.

 The outcome of this election is really up in the air.

This is the fourth election in 7 years and there are a number of plausible outcomes.  Will the Conservatives win a majority?  Will the NDP come form a coalition government?  Truly, the outcomes are unclear.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

In honour of the upcoming election, we give you 7 Facts About The Canadian Election.

1.  The first Canadian election was held in 1865.  The Conservative Party lead by John A. Macdonald won 55.6% of the seats in the House of Commons.

2.  In 1993, the Bloc Quebecois, a separatist party that only ran in electoral seats found in Quebec is voted in as the Official Opposition.  This is the first federal election in which they ran.

3.  Currently, there are 4 parties in the Canadian Electoral System with Official Party Status – Conservative, Liberal, NDP, & Bloc Quebeois.

4.  In the 1926 election, there were 6 political parties that had 4 or more seats.

5.  The Green Party has never won a seat in the House of Commons in a general election.

6.  Mackenzie King formed a record 6 governments.  Three were as a majority, two were as a minority and one was supported by a coalition in order to achieve a minority government status.

7.  The 2011 Election will be the 41st election in Canadian history.

Now go vote!

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